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It all began with an avid golfer trying to improve his game.

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Brad Offerman

Lag Putt Pro was founded by Bradley Offerman with one goal in mind: to give everyday golfers a way to practice long-distance putting at home. Even though Bradley had a large putting green in his basement, he felt that his putting skills were lacking—he always found himself 20’–30’ from the hole, and would end up three-putting way too often. Talk about a score-killer!He wondered how he could improve his game—especially during the winter months when golf courses weren’t open. That’s when Lag Putt Pro was born..

Bradley started to build ramps to see if the concept would work—and he soon realized he was on to something. In order to ensure the accuracy of the ramp, he built a mechanical putting arm that would give a repeatable distance every time.

The Lag Putt Pro Was Born

Once the putting arm was created, Bradley put it to the test. He laid out 40’ of the very same nylon turf he uses on the Lag Putt Pro at a nearby airplane hanger. He documented how far back he had to rock the putting arm to achieve various distances. Then, he used the same mechanical putting arm to hit golf balls up the ramp he created, marking how far the ball traveled each time, and BAM! He had the distances for each hole measured with incredible accuracy.

With a successful idea in hand, and a drive for business, Bradley took his idea to Tony Bonk—Tony is a single digit handicap golfer with a background in construction and cabinet making. Together, Bradley and Tony created the Lag Putt Pro: a product designed to help golfers work on their long putts in a limited amount of space.

Choose One of Our High Quality Products

Tired of hyped-up putting aids made of cheap carpet? Lag Putt Pro allows you to work on putts at 15’, 20’, 25’, and 30’—on real turf!