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Lag Putt Pro

Made for golfers, by golfers, in the USA

We’ve Created the Most Innovative Putting Aid on the Market

…to help golfers work on long distance putting. There is no other product on the market like this! We’ve solved many of the problems that casual and advanced golfers run into when it comes to practicing putting in a small space. Improve your lag putting with Lag Putt Pro

The Lag Putt Pro uses a ramp to simulate distance in order to work on lag putts in a limited space. We developed the Lag Putt Pro using a putting arm we designed to ensure consistent putting distances that were repeatable over and over again. The longer distances were designed to ensure proper distance control by using rectangular holes that are slightly larger in size than a regulation golf ball ensuring a consistent stroke for the desired distance. The result is a product that allows a golfer to work on putts up to 30 feet in length with a device that is only 11 feet long.

Our Products

The quickest way to take strokes off your game is with the putter!

cream color

Lag Putt Pro — Unfinished

With quality nylon turf.

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Lag Putt Pro — Gray

Gray exterior with nylon turf.

Invest in a Quality Putting Mat

We all know that practice makes perfect—but how do you practice when you can’t make it out to the range? Installing a putting green in your basement or backyard is great for working on short putts, but many of us simply don’t have the space to practice lag putts. Enter Lag Putt Pro.

Lag Putt Pro uses a unique ramp design to mimic the feel and accuracy of long putting strokes—in a small space. Each one of our ramps is made with high-quality nylon turf with a STIMP rating of 10.7, and regulation-width holes.

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Our Videos

Curious to see it in action? Take a look at our videos and see how well they work.

Lag Putt Pro

We designed the Lag Putt Pro to help golfers work on long putts in a limited amount of space, without sacrificing the feel and accuracy of the actual stroke. Take your game to the next level and purchase one today!

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